You're a casual player but still want to win Warzone tournaments?

Who doesn't like watching big streamers like Huskerrs, Biffle, Nickmercs, Swagg, Symfuhny (to name a few) and finish games with 20-30+ kills? You tell yourself that you can adopt the same "playstyle" as them and finish first in a competitive tournament. Why not, right?

high scores warzone call of dutyHowever, if we look at the amateur category of a tournament, which often allows about 1 K/D on average per player, it is clear that it would not be very plausible to drop 200 kills for the team over three games during a Quads tournament.

If you want to end up with the jackpot as a casual player, the first thing to recognize is that you are not at the same level as the players who play 12 hours a day. Once you get that, then you just have to innovate. Just because the tournament is a kill race doesn't mean focussing just on kills is the right tactic for you and your team. Have you ever wondered how some amateur teams end up with 145, 130, 127 points in Mainland Tournaments?

Some of these teams decide to play differently. They choose to use systems that have been in the game since its release that allows them to have a higher percentage chance of winning (**Hint** Recon Contracts). And of course, winning a game necessarily means picking up a few kills along the way.
Warzone recon contract in Call of Duty
Surprising? Not at all, if you take the time to analyze the scoring system, you realize that the wins add up to 25 points, which is actually 25 kills! No need to mention that in the amateur category the possibility of having 75 points (3 wins) just with wins is very enviable and desirable. Take, for example, the winners of the last Mainland gaming tournament. 145 points in three games means with three wins they only had 70 kills. In quad this gives an average of only 23 kills per game and therefore about 6 kills per player.

So we're a long way from the 20-30 kills of big streamers, yet you too could come out on top of a big jackpot.

In short, what matters is to be aware of the specifics and to adopt a winning strategy depending on the level. It is clear that the strategy described above for amateurs will not work in a champion level caliber where in general we prefer to split the players 2-2 on the map or even 1-1-1-1.

For teams willing to change their "playstyle" to compete, the jackpot becomes much more feasible. And who knows, maybe you'll stumble upon the new Foresight kill streak in one of the bunkers to let you know exactly where the last circle will finish (new kill streak since Season 6). 

Foresight killstreak Warzone Call of Duty Mainland
Don't hesitate, come and compete against other teams in a four-division tournament to play against your level. Do you have what it takes to finish top 3 in the next tournament?