How to get better at Warzone!

If you clicked this article, it’s certainly because it appealed to you in some kind of way. Whether you are an experienced player or a new one, the purpose is to be better right? Right!

You probably know it already, but to be great at something you need to admit to yourself that you are not the best yet. You need to admit also that there are holes in your gameplay. So you better start taking all the constructive criticisms right now!

This article is directed towards Warzone but can easily be applied to any game and almost anything.

The golden rule to get better at anything is to be open-minded. Then comes the will to get better. Not the best. Just better. Everyday. The road to success isn’t easy and quick but it’s one hell of a journey!

« If you want to climb, you have to realize you're at the bottom.

You might think you're at the top already, but your top is the bottom of someone else.

If you don't know how to climb, ask an alpinist.

Apply this to everything and you'll be on top. »

Now back to Warzone. If you are a new or beginner player, we suggest that you start analyzing the good players. 

One piece of advice would be to start watching pro players stream but not for fun like you used to do. Really analyze what they are doing and why they are doing it. Compare the decisions they make with your own. How would you had reacted in this situation? Would you had gone left or right?

From an analytical point of view, you will notice that games have many skills you will need to practice. In a FPS like Warzone, your aim will be a priority to practice as of your movement quality. There is also “game knowledge” which is knowing what to do in certain situations that can only be acquired through lots of playing, exploring and watching. Take the time to walk through the map and explore buildings. Knowing the environment will get you out of tricky situations and in buildings faster to surprise your enemies. 

Finally, if you really want to get better, get yourself a squad of like-minded people. People who are not there just for fun but people who have the same goal as you. Getting better.

Hang around 4 millionaire and you’ll be the fifth. Hang around 4 pro players and you’ll be the fifth! That is the mindset!

Ask your team for constructive criticism, practice your skills and find yourself a motivated squad with the same goals and we will see you on the other side! Good luck out there!