Best Mac-10 loadout and DMR loadout for Warzone (right now)

After a few weeks of gaming, the new Warzone meta takes shape a little more every day! We now know that the DMR / Mac10 combo is all the rage¬†in Verdansk and even seems way too strong compared to previous metas. If you too want to make the most of this meta before it gets ‚Äúnerfed‚ÄĚ hopefully, these are the attachments you'll want to use.

DMR is already a classic now. Probably everyone now knows that Cold War attachments are buggy and don't display the correct stats. However, in the case of the DMR you will want to use the Barrel 16’’3 titanium since it provides a significant additional fire rate while maintaining high damage (despite what the attachments describe). For the mag, you have the choice to go with the classic 30 round mag to get your normal ADS speed or the speed mag which allows you to reload faster, but you will only have 20 bullets. It's up to you!



As for the Mac-10, the choice becomes a tad more complicated. You can mix and match a large number of attachments (which don't necessarily tell the truth about the statistics) with such a strong basic weapon, it leaves room for many variants, a bit like the Modern Warfare mp5 which had several. without having one really superior.

So here are three build options for you to pick from:

1. The first build is from JoeWo and several others who prefer to use a Raider Stock stock, you will definitely want to try it out to form your own opinion.



2. The second build is Mainland Gaming's personal choice which mixes precision, speed of movement (with the patrol grip) and speed of ADS. We think trying it is a must!



3. The latest build is that of Huskerrs, a well-known mouse / keyboard player. This build takes into account that Barrel Task Force 5’9 would actually be buggy and therefore Huskerrs prefers Reinforced Heavy. It mixes speed of movement, precision and ADS speed. You will have to try it out to get a clear idea.



Please note that in none of these builds the speed reload mag is present. This is because it does not reload faster than the drum, and it removes more ADS speed than the drum. So there is no advantage in using the speed reload mag.