Tips for improving your gaming experience and reducing injuries

In general, gamers often spend long hours sitting at their desks playing video games. No matter what you're doing behind your desk, whether it's gaming or listening to your lesson remotely on Zoom, the fact of the matter is that those many hours of not moving too much affect your muscles.

It therefore appears necessary to take breaks once in a while for several reasons. Indeed, in general it will be recommended to take 5 to 10 minutes of breaks for every hour spent sitting in front of your screen. This break will allow you to stay focused on your task and reduce your mental and muscular fatigue.

During this break for gamers, it is recommended to perform stretching exercises to stimulate your tense muscles from not moving for long periods of time. In this sense, appropriate exercises will notably reduce the pain associated with tense muscles and ultimately reduce your mental and muscle fatigue.

Stretching exercises will also prevent many injuries that we see more and more appearing and which are particularly related to gamers and their way of life (mouse elbow, gamer's thumb, medial epicondylosis) and the famous Carpal tunnel. 

Not only having a preventive purpose, these exercises will also allow you, according to experts, to improve your performance when you play, whether by increasing your actions per minute, your speed, your efficiency, etc.

We therefore invite you to become aware, as an assiduous player, of this information with an educational purpose on an increasingly popular subject in the field of medicine. Indeed, with video games becoming more and more popular and these often coupled with bad habits, many people develop muscle problems related to video games. Fortunately these problems are preventable with solutions as simple as stretching!

There are many stretching routines for gamers on the internet. Here is one with explanatory value, created by a health professional: