The concept of cash roll and why it’s important to win Warzone games

Have you ever noticed that in some of your games everything seemed to be going for the best, the kills followed one another without too much difficulty, the UAVs too, you had a constant vision on the map and it translated into top 1 relatively easily? Other times, no matter how hard you put in, everything is bad, impossible to have UAVs, you see very few people despite your best efforts and you end the game with an unsatisfactory number of kills for a tournament.

If you take the factor of chance out of the equation, it's probably because your cash roll is either very well maintained or nonexistent, so your games sometimes seem to be day or night. Beginners will tend to overlook this important aspect of the Warzone gameplay, negatively affecting their chances of winning the game.

Warzone cash

So concretely, what is a cash roll and why is it so important to be consistent in your victories? Cash roll is your team's ability to consistently generate money and spend it effectively to generate more or to help you win the game.

Money in Warzone is very important, if you have very little of it you will probably not be able to win the game. There are three main phases in Warzone that require different actions on your cash roll.

First, the initial phase, the start of the game. You and your team will drop in an area of ​​the map with the primary objective of collecting at least $ 10,000 for the purchase of your loadout. Make no mistake, the start of the game is the same for everyone, it is essential to play with your personal loadout and not the ground loot if you want to perform! The initial phase isn't really just buying the loadout, ideally you want to have $ 4000-8000 extra to buy UAVs so you can start your cash roll properly. These UAVs will allow you to rotate the map and find enemies in abundance to replenish your cash roll and "snowball" the game in your favor to obtain the famous top 1. Not to be overlooked, during this phase, hardly anyone owns ghost, now is the best time to kill everyone!

The second phase is that of the mid game. Usually you get enough cash roll to get a good game with a lot of kills or your lacquer cash roll a little and you will have to adopt a slightly different strategy. The important thing in the mid game is especially the continuous purchase of UAVs to make the most of the fact that not all enemies are ghosting yet. If your cash roll is not enough and it becomes difficult to revive a fallen teammate, you will need to review your strategy of course.

The last phase is that of the end game. UAVs won't be really useful here anymore, you need your cash roll to revive teammates who have run out of gulag or to purchase kill streaks to dislodge enemies that are lurking in their corner. Here it’s a matter of preference, if you have a really good cash roll you probably already have a self res but otherwise you will usually want to buy it as an end game to come and help you in the final circles.

This is the basics the cash roll theory in Warzone. Money is extremely important in getting you to the top 1, so this one really shouldn't be overlooked. Beginner players will therefore certainly want to pay more attention to cash roll if they wish to improve their macro handling of the game.

Did you read it to the end? You can assume that you now have a clear theoretical advantage over any player who ignores this trick. How about coming to test your new knowledge in the next Mainland Gaming tournament? You could be the winner of a massive cash prize (real cash). You're already playing Warzone, might as well make money out of it.