The best loadout in Warzone season 2

What's new in Verdansk?

The new patch introduced a massive amount of corrections for the guns and the attachments! YES finally! Raven software saw the problems we all had with the attachments for some time now and decided to fix it. Booya!

What does it mean? All the coldwar guns changed again. That put's us in a very different position than last week. One week after the new season drop, we are now face with new guns and of course, a new meta. One good thing about the new patch is that it definitely changed the DMR. Being nerfed once again, it's now the end of this era for good. (Well until they change something again..)

What appears to be the one of the new contestant is the AUG. Here's Aydan loadout which seems like a hell of a gun!
Agency suppressor, 18.2’’ Strike team, Axial Arms 3x, Field Agent Foregrip, 45 Rnd Drum.

Also, the AMAX seems to keep coming back if you are looking for a more classic loadout!

The new Meta seems to use two AR too ! What is going on in Verdansk! Yes two AR'! Forget the MAC-10 and jump on this FFAR for the close range action :



The new season has only been out for a week now so there is much to learn and explore and we will, as usual, keep you updated with the latest news!
Game on!