Science Behind Aim Training

Should you train to improve your aim? How long should you do it? Where do you go to train? What do you have to do? These are probably questions you've asked yourself when you lost your 100th 1v1 and in a fit of frustration you wondered, how can I stop losing!?!

If you've been reading this blog, you've probably noticed a recent article on how to improve your aim and become one of the best. You therefore have part of the answer to the above questions. Treat this article as a complement to what you already know to improve your knowledge.

To answer the question: should you train your aim? Yes you should, and you will definitely reap the benefits if your goal is to improve in fps. The second question on the other hand (how long should you train for) becomes a bit more complex.
Have you heard the theory of diminishing returns? In short, we can assume that when you train your aim, you will definitely see an increase in skill. However, you will notice during your training at some point that your scores somewhat reach a cap and might even decrease. This phenomenon is called diminishing returns. The more you train at this point, the lower your benefits, which may even decrease if you continue to overtrain.
Fortunately, this phenomenon can be explained scientifically. Every time you learn something by training, you tax your nervous system, which gets fatigued more and more over time. After a while of training, you become too tired to achieve beneficial results, this is when you experience diminishing or even negative returns.
When you train your aim, this point will usually be reached after 60 to 90 minutes. Note that this time varies for each person. Being aware of this fact, how long should you train, when and how?
To be effective before playing, it's recommended that you warm up for around 15 to 30 minutes so as not to overtax your nervous system. Warming up is very important if you want to perform well in a competition. When you're done playing, you can also go train your aim on Kovaak 2.0 or Aimlab for 15 to 30 minutes to finish taxing your nervous system.
The best time to exercise, however, will be right before you head to bed. It's recommended that you train from 60 to 90 minutes before you sleep, since that is when you will get the most benefits. It is while you sleep that your nervous system rebuilds itself, so it immediately gets down to work if you go to sleep after your training session.
Remember that the best way to improve your aim is to use an aimtrainer, since playing games with downtimes in the game itself does not maximize your time and effort.
Here are some Kovaak 2.0 scenarios that you will definitely want to try to improve your tracking and smoothness:

- 1wall 5targets_pasu – track

- A ir no UFO no SKYBOTS

- Ascended Tracking v3

- Pressure Aiming – 7 targets  (or 10)