The Warzone Roze skin, is it broken?

The "pay-2-win" games are not very popular in the gaming world. Until now, Warzone was not in this category but recently, some players started to ask themselves: are there better operator skins that can give us the winning advantage? 

Warzone players know that shadows in the game are very dark. So when a players with a completely black skin appears....You guessed it, it's practically invisible!

There is no pitch black skins available in the game unless you go in the shop! The Roze skin was a reward from last season's battle pass. It's unanimous in the "try hard" community that the skin gives players a pretty huge advantage.

Here's a prime example of the devastating effects of the Roze skin in broad daylight:

In the eyes of many players, no skin should give that much of an advantage. The "pay-2-win" aspect of it is even worst now, because new players can't even have it anymore.

Let's all remember a couple of month ago at the Twitch Rivals what happened. Every single player was wearing this skin! So it was already clear this skin was something else even then!

Do you guys think Activision should fix the completely pitch black skins? Tell us what you think in the comments !