NEW secret places you don’t know about

With CoD Warzone Season 6 came a few secret changes that gamers avid to explore discovered relatively quickly. These secret locations hide rewards that improve your chances of winning the game.

Indeed, in addition to earning huge amounts of money by opening these secret locations, you could also discover FORESIGHT, a new asset that allows you to have all the remaining circles displayed on the map (even the final circles rotating!).

Foresight killsteak warzone

You might also discover a very rare asset called a “Specialist”. You may have already encountered this asset by killing a player who possessed it in the game. This allows you to get all of the class perks at the same time. In other words, the specialist asset is extremely powerful and useful. Who wouldn't like to ghost and restock at the same time? Or Amped and Battle hardened at the same time, no more dilemmas when concocting a class, the specialist asset is here for you.

Specialist perk warzone

Can't wait any longer and can't wait to find out where these secret places are? Well, here is the map containing all those discovered spots along with their codes to unlock the doors to gain access:

warzone bunker codes map

Go explore these new places on your own, the cash in them might even get you up to speed quickly in the early game or revive a teammate when you run out of money.

We suggest that you write down and keep the above codes for your next Warzone sessions.

By reading this article, you now have an advantage over any player who did not know of these hiding places and their treasures. Now how about using this new knowledge in the next Mainland Gaming tournament? See you there.