(Halloween special) Mission briefing for Warzone Zombies Tournament

A deadly virus is raging in Verdansk this Saturday, October 31.

zombies in warzone. warzone zombies tournament

Mission briefing:
Good evening, I am head PC chief GOTCHOCOLATED. Mission is Saturday October 31st. An extremely contagious and deadly new virus is raging in Verdansk. The source of the virus is still unknown, a chemical attack by Chechen separatists is suspected as part of a global operation for planetary domination. Your mission is to find out what's going on in Verdansk and destroy as much of the virus as you can. You have been selected because you are the best and because your country is counting on you. Your code name for the mission will be Alpha-2, the pc will answer under the name 0. Be careful during your deployment, our intel suggests that many paramilitary groups will be present on the scene, they are identifiable by their mask of Jigsaw, Leatherface, Dr. Karlov and more.

Make sure you get the most kills and survive to get your blue skull badge and get a cash award for this risky mission. We suggest you change to a dark uniform for the mission and make some small changes to your original equipment. The gunsmith will brief you on this. I remind you that there will be no evacuation until the mission is deemed complete, good luck Alpha-2.

Briefing of the gunsmith:
Good evening Alpha-2, I am the armorer TRINITOSSS, as the commander mentioned in your mission briefing, some adjustments will be necessary to your basic equipment. Let's start with the basics, your basic Red dot will not be enough for this mission. Indeed, you will need to adopt the Night Solozero NVG for optimal performance during this mission. Other thermal optics will also help.

Warzone (night) scope

For your secondary weapon, I advise you to either adopt an mp5 hitfire, an R9 shotgun fire or our novelty the JAK-12 fire.
Warzone (night) shotgun

Mp5 loadout for warzone (night)
I also advise you to adopt a cold-blooded suit, indeed the other paramilitary units will certainly be equipped with night vision optics. The cold-blooded combination therefore appears to be an option if you want to stay in the dark.

As for the rest of Alpha-2, you know your work better than I do. All I can tell you is I saw some footage from down there and it's not looking good, I wish you good luck. Go talk to NOTOMORO the logistics officer before you leave.

Logistics briefing:
Hello Alpha-2, I'm NOTOMORO, the logistics officer. Here are your rations for this mission. If you ever get contaminated during the mission, the paramilitary units will certainly drag doses of the antidote on them (purple syringes), you will need to use force while remaining discreet in order to put your hands on them. Two of these syringes will get you back on your feet no matter the injury until you are evacuated after the mission is complete.
Your pilot HEIRUSKING is waiting for you outside, good luck Alpha-2.

In deployment:
Alpha-2, I'm your captain HEIRUSKING, get ready to jump into T-30.
On behalf of the team, I wish you the best of luck Alpha-2, we are counting on you. Communications will be kept to a minimum, we will pick you up when we see the smoke bomb on the satellite.

Alpha-2, prepare to deploy in T-5… T-4… T-3… T-2… T-1

Jigsaw plane warzone zombies tournament
Alpha-2: Going Dark.