Improve Your Movements Using Automatic Tactical Sprint

Have you ever taken the time to go through the options in detail, one by one? Most games have customizable options, giving an advantage over the default settings. Warzone is no exception to this rule. For example, a significant number of people don't realize that they can change their map to a square shape, which gives you about 27.3% more visibility than the round map.

One of the cool options the game offers is the automatic tactical sprint feature. This feature allows you to automatically run in a tactical sprint during a forward movement. By enabling this feature, you no longer need to press your joystick (controller) or shift 2x (keyboard) to achieve the same effect.

You can probably guess that this option offers some important advantages, but it also introduces several disadvantages if you aren't used to playing this way. You'll notice very quickly by activating this option that you'll have difficulty shooting secondary weapons like the mp5, origin and r9 shotgun. Part of this problem is that you can't shoot while in a tactical sprint, but with this option activated you're automatically doing it every time you move forward. To counter this, we've come up with 3 tips to lessen the disadvantages and improve your gameplay at the same time.


1- You need to slide cancel. A lot.

To make sure you always have a tactical sprint, you need slide cancel to reset the run time. The problem is, if you encounter an enemy while performing a slide cancel, you won't be able to fire at them without having a small delay as your weapon will get stuck in the air due to the automatic tactical sprint. To counter this problem, it's very simple. Instead of performing a slide cancel towards the enemy, instead perform a continuous slide while shooting at your enemy. By performing a continuous slide, you can shoot first and start running again when you need to afterwards.


2- The Fadeaway.

This is a bit more advanced move, but it allows you to gain the advantage over your opponent.  To do a fadeaway, you need to slide cancel towards your opponent (or sideways in relation to them) and jump backwards (fadeaway). The fact that you're jumping backwards allows you not to be in automatic tactical sprinting and therefore allows you to shoot at the enemy. Also, in a meta where shotguns like the origin and r9 fire are popular, it's important to steer clear of players using these rifles. The fadeaway allows you to gain some distance with these players while continuing to shoot.

3- Speed walk, silent walk.

The last trick to always being ready to shoot with an automatic tactical sprint is the speed walk, silent walk. This technique consists of abusing the automatic sprinting system to break the audio of the game and thus gain an advantage.  If you constantly flick your joystick to move forward and return it to normal afterwards, you will move fast, but quietly.  This technique also allows you to always be prepared for any eventuality. If an enemy spawns in front of you, you will be able to shoot them since you are not auto sprinting at this time.

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Credit : This article is based predominantly on @JoeWo's video on the automatic tactical sprint. Link: