How to split like a pro and easily do high kill games in Warzone

Why split in Warzone and how?

Have you ever noticed that some teams decide not to play together and that they separate at a certain distance on the map? If you watch the biggest players in Warzone streaming for a bit, you'll notice that these teams rarely decide to play together. You wonder why? Well, there are several correct answers to this question and this article will help you see it more clearly!

First off, what's a split in Warzone? A split in Warzone is the act of dividing the entire team (2-3-4 players) into several sub-teams for a fixed period of time during the game. Concretely, it will be possible for you as a duo to perform a 1-1 split and therefore each player goes hunting on his own. As a trio, you have several options, you can split more conservatively (1-2) or even more aggressive (1-1-1). In quad, the more passive option is (2-2) or depending on the individual talent of your team you can play aggressively in (1-3) or (1-1-1-1).

warzone split

Now that you know what a split is, why should you do it? At first glance, it may seem counterproductive to split the team, making yourself more vulnerable and thereby giving yourself less chance of winning the game. But the main goal of splitting is not necessarily to have the greatest probability of winning the game, it is rather to have the greatest probability of encountering as many enemies as possible and making the most possible kills during the game.

When you split up you will need to be extra careful not to die immediately. Splitting during a game requires some knowledge of macro game management and some mechanical skills (micro management). If you are still in the stage of learning the game, you should not consider this strategy, it is rather aimed at players keen to improve their already above average level and getting more chances at winning Warzone tournaments.

If you want to practice split, it is recommended to do it as a no fill duo / trio first. You stay with your teammate throughout the game, but you're consistently outnumbered by 1. When you judge that you have the necessary level, you can start the duo / duo party and go each on your own. The goal is to get used to playing on your own first without immediate assistance from your teammate(s).

You guessed it, the next step is to go play 1 on 3 afterwards, which already increases the difficulty level by a notch. If you manage to be consistent in your solo / trio split, you will certainly have a good level of play allowing you to win tournaments.

The key to success in a split is primarily your ability to be patient and position yourself well. It would not be very wise to rush a house in 1 vs 3 with enemies camped in every corner. In this situation, it would be better to wait for an opening made by the enemy to get an entry kill allowing you to fall in 1v2.

When you and your team decide to split, it will be important to keep a good cash roll, ready to revive a fallen teammate at all times. Indeed, it is inevitable when outnumbered that you die a few times, so it will be important that your teammates are there for you to buy you back and vice versa. The cash roll is also extremely important to allow you to have constantly activated UAVs to have a complete view of the map. This vision will allow you to avoid any nasty surprises in theory.

Now that you know the theory and practice of split, how about coming and testing your newfound knowledge in the next Mainland Gaming tournament? Done well, the split will allow you to rack up a lot more kills than if you had remained as a team the entire game. A winning game played in split the majority of the time will generally result in a large number of kills and therefore more chances of winning in a tournament. Take advantage of this strategy now to win the next jackpot offered by Mainland Gaming!