How to improve your aim and become one of the best!

Do you want to improve your aim? Are you sick of losing your 1v1s all the time and getting chastised by your teammates for that reason? Whether you are a mouse-and-keyboard player or a controller player, there are several ways you can improve your aim and become a beast no matter what game you are playing.

Improve your aim in Call of Duty Warzone


Good news! No matter who you are and what your background is, it is possible for you to become this beast of a FPS player and to become the carrier of your team; enough to make your teammates jealous! However, you will need to put in the necessary efforts to achieve your goals. Don't worry, nothing here is impossible.

This section will mainly target mouse-and-keyboard players, below that is a section for Controller players.

So you've decided to improve your aim on mouse-and-keyboard? You've come to the right place. Let's start from the beginning, before you even worry about whether your technique is good, you should first be aware of your posture when you are seated. Indeed, a bad position will negatively impact your ability to be consistent when aiming and shooting enemies. For anything related to your position, I would suggest watching this 4 minute video by Ron Rambo Kim (Aim trainer):

Ok, you've adjusted your position, now what? It is now time to tackle the task that will take the longest. To improve your aim, you must practice your aim. We will note several fundamentals to work on to improve your aim: clicking, tracking, switching, movement clicking, movement tracking and movement switching. To improve these fundamentals, we suggest installing an aimtrainer. We recommend using Kovaak 2.0 (paid version on steam) or AimLab (free on steam).
Aimlab VS Kovaak
Credit: @Shakes on youtube

An aimtrainer is good, but you need to use it efficiently! Do you know Sparky? No ? Well Sparky is a community of people passionate about aiming on mouse-and-keyboard offering a LOT of resources on all aspects of aiming for both the beginner and advanced player. I suggest you go do your reading on their Discord: and seek advice from the pros on the discord.

Sparky offers ranks obtainable according to your skills in the Kovaak 2.0 aim trainer which allows you to know where you are exactly. Let me tell you, if you think your aim is good, Sparky will make you reconsider your outlook, I know I did.

Sparky provides you with a countless number of well established routines by the aiming professionals. You will find all these routines on their Discord. In the meantime, here are their benchmarks for their ranks and the recommended basic routine.


Fundamental routine:

On that note, it is literally impossible to put effort in an aimtrainer and not see any beneficial results. The statistics speak for themselves.
Credit: Aimlab

For controller players, the principle remains basically the same, to improve your aim you have to practice! Since technically no aim trainer exists to improve your skills, it is recommended that you make full use of the "in-game training modes" of the games you play, for example Apex Legends and/or Call of duty.

For Call of Duty for example, I recommend that you go private regularly against 11 veteran bots on your favorite map and practice your aim and your moves at the same time. CDL pros kill hundreds of bots every day before starting their official scrims, demonstrating the value of killing bots.

Remember that just like mouse-and-keyboard players, comfort remains extremely important and therefore it is recommended that you adopt a comfortable position and adopt the SAME position for all your gaming sessions to maintain a certain consistency.

Lastly, do not try to move faster then your current skill level. Take your time. Move at your pace and slowly increase your aiming and movement speed.

Did you train diligently? How about coming to test your new skills in the next Mainland Gaming tournament, you could very well be the new winner of a large jackpot, something to keep you busy while were all stuck inside with this "pandemic".