How to get more kills and win Warzone tournaments

A first look into Macro and micromanagement

You've probably all wondered how some teams achieve incredible numbers of kills while getting Warzone victories in tournaments. Duos at 70-80 kills, trios at 90-100 kills, quads at 120 kills; impossible? Not at all!

Credit: @Frozone on Twitter

To understand how these players manage to do these amazing games, you have to pay attention to every little detail! Admittedly, these players are simply monstrous, but their skill alone cannot explain these recurring results. In most competitive games, we can see two major factors that influence the skill of the player and its results: the game sense and the mechanics.

In other words, macromanagement and micromanagement. Complicated terms to explain a relatively simple reality. Something you might, or might not be aware of when you play a game of Warzone for example.

Let's start with micromanagement. Micromanagement is the most visible aspect of a player's gameplay. Beginner players focus mainly on improving this aspect without always realizing it. In micromanagement, we first think of everything related to the aim, the movements of the character, the ability to react to an event quickly. In short, everything that you can improve at the mechanical level of the game. It is clear that micromanagement is divided in several aspects, one of them being the capacity to aim. On a mouse and keyboard, it can easily take hundreds of hours to see a noticeable improvement in aiming, there are various ways to train yourself in order to achieve higher levels of improvements, faster.

Macromanagement on the other hand refers to a player's ability to consider the whole game. On this point, novice players tend to completely overlook this aspect that is fundamental to the success of a higher goal. Macromanagement in Warzone can refer to everything related to landing drops, rotations in the map, trio (1-2, 1-1-1) and quad (2-2) (1-3) split strategy (1-1-1-1), management of your inventory, cash, etc. Indeed, experienced players looking for big kill games don't just jump into a game potentially hoping for the money.
Let's drop on the superstore! Warzone

You guessed it, top tourney players almost exclusively drop at the Superstore to start the game with maximum kills, but also to allow for the perfect rotation that will get your team directly to the hotspots in the middle of the map. Superstore also makes it possible to start a split for more experienced teams with two relatively close vehicles.

This article is intended to be an introduction to the basic concepts applicable for most competitive games. Stay tuned for a more in-depth follow-ups on macromanagement and micromanagement.

In the meantime how about doing a little research on the subject and coming to test your knowledge in the next Mainland Gaming Warzone Tournament? You and your team might just win the jackpot. Plus it's something fun to do while we're all stuck inside with this pandemic...