How to archive your streaming for any Twitch Gaming Tournament event

If you're ever thinking about competing in some online gaming tournament, there is a good chance that you or your teammates will be asked to stream during the event. Most of the tournament organizers ask teams that at least 1 player (and sometimes all the players on the team) stream their game while competing to ensure that nobody is cheating. That being said, you will be asked to “archive” your broadcast your stream so that the tournament moderators can review it after the tournament ends. Whether you choose to broadcast on Twitch, Youtube or Facebook Gaming, there are different ways to properly configure your setup to make sure your past broadcasts are going to be saved correctly.



Always make sure to cut your streaming if you were streaming before your tournament and end it right after. This will make it easier for organizers to find your streaming and it will avoid them to go through hours of videos.


  1. Go to TWITCH.TV and login into your account (must be done on a PC or Cellphone-Tablet, NOT ON YOUR CONSOLE).
  2. At the top-right side of your browser, you will see the drop menu. Select settings.
  3. You will then select Channel and Videos.
  4. Then you will turn ON the “Store past broadcasts” option.
Archive mode ON

That’s it! In 4 simple steps your streaming will be saved for at least 14 days on your channel. Don’t forget that if you are on a console you won’t be able to turn on those settings through the console App, this can only be done via a browser on a Pc, Tablet or Cellphone.

Article coming soon for Youtube, Facebook Gaming, and Mixer (PC,XBOX & PS4)