G Fuel what is it? Does it work?

This article is not sponsored, it is for informational purposes only about an already popular product.

You have certainly heard of it before, maybe even tried it. Do you know about G Fuel? Your favorite streamers are almost all sponsored, G Fuel relies heavily on the eSports community. But does G Fuel work or is it a flop?

First, understand that G Fuel has built its brand on the growing need for an energy formula that is not as bad for your health as most traditional energy drinks are.

G Fuel describes its product as a “clean and healthy" compared to sugar-loaded energy drink products.

G Fuel sells: Energy, focus and endurance for over 4-6 hours with an almost instant effect (only 10-15 minutes after drinking). Let's face it, the motto sells; an energy formula for gamers. This is why many personalities are tempted by G Fuel to get a dose of energy in their daily or competitive activities. G Fuel does not hesitate to brag about the many athletes who have adopted their formula in multiple fields such as the UFC, esports and bodybuilding.

The point is, if you've been competing before, you know you need to have a lot of focus and energy for a long time. Lan-parties will certainly drain you and to fight fatigue, many prefer to drink energy drinks.

As an experiment, four of us at Mainland Gaming tried G Fuel. We all drank 750ml of G Fuel within 60 minutes  and played Call of Duty Warzone for 3 hours. Out of four, two really felt the effects of G Fuel on their ability to focus for a longer period of time on their game. The other two that are used to consuming more caffein (big coffee drinkers) said they didn't feel a great impact on their energy or ability to focus after drinking G Fuel.

It is important to realize that no matter what drink you take, if you are used to caffeine you are less likely to feel the effects than someone who is not. That’s why you certainly don’t want to overuse G Fuel every day.

In conclusion, G Fuel could work for some. G Fuel seems like a viable option if you want to try something new and potentially save money compared to the prices of traditional energy drinks. To find out if G Fuel works you, you will have to give it a try and make up your own mind.