Cheaters getting a bit of instant karma says Activision

Even though Activision made some massive ban waves, cheaters are still the biggest problem in Warzone. It's sad but some people just want to shortcut their way to high KD's and ruin the game for us.

But, it seems the tables have turned.

In a new Activision report, the company says that a widespread cheat has been made to catch the hacks' creators. Yes you read that right, the hackers have been hacked.

The creator of that hack at Activision is apparently using something called "social engineering" to have priority access on the cheaters' computer. Social engineering comes in play when the person has the illusion of safety when the antivirus comes on and still accept priority access to the program that's enabling the cheat in Warzone.

The creators of the program would be using the hackers community ignorance to infiltrate their computers and then destroy the hacks.

Even thought cheating is a serious issue in Warzone, we can't stop ourselves to smile looking at this little tricks they've pulled and hope this serves as a lesson for the cheaters.

Source : Vice