A quick guide to efficient rotations, getting more kills and winning tournaments

Departure, common hot spots, vehicles and split

Macromanagement, does this term sound familiar to you? Hopefully it does because it was the subject of our last article. If it's new to you, I would suggest catching up!

By now, you know that macromanagement is how you manage your game as a whole and not just working on your personal mechanics (aiming, shooting, etc.). If you want to drop games with a large number of kills, you will have to take macromanagement seriously. 

Huge COD Warzone kills
Credit: @ Vikkstar123 on twitter

Let's start from the top, does the Superstore speak to you? Because it should! For any serious player that wants to land a great game, the Superstore drop is often the way to go. One of the many reasons being that it will allow you to drop 6-15 kills early game and also, it will allow you to position your team right in the middle of the hot spots of the map for quick access to vehicles to facilitate good rotations.
Superstore warzone
If you are serious about becoming a high-kill-game player, we suggest practicing the Superstore drop with your team to achieve high scores and therefore be consistent in your tournament games.

So you dropped in the Superstore, got some good kills, now what? You will notice a certain consistency in the actions of all the big players. They buy the loadout, UAVs, secure one or two vehicles with trophy systems and go in different directions.
Warzone heatmap for top kills
While your game is subject to the random drop of other players/teams, it is almost certain that you will find players in various known hot spots around the map. These hot spots are precisely the following:

  • Storage
  • Airport Hangar
  • Torsk Bloc
  • Boneyard
  • Train Station

In order to get a maximum amount of kills, you should focus primarily on these areas as they are all within range of the Superstore and you will most likely find other players. Of course, you are not immune to the phantom lobbies where ironically you will encounter very few players. Tish happens.

It's important to be aware of the hot spots attributable to this particular game, it is important to consider the direction of the plane, the position of the first "circle" and to quickly detect the areas where most players have jumped.

To rotate efficiently, you should introduce vehicles into your gameplay. These are absolutely necessary for a game with a very high number of kills. The faster you move, the more chances you have of encountering enemies and getting the kills before anyone else does.

Other slightly more advanced rotation techniques are not mentioned in this article, we suggest that you first apply these (possibly) new concepts and stay tuned for a future article going in depth with more advanced techniques.

In the meantime, how about implementing these rotation concepts in the next Mainland Gaming tournament? As a reader of this blog, you now have a considerable advantage over all players who do not know these strategies and therefore you are in a very good position to emerge victorious and leaving with the cash jackpot of your division!